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MMI-ES uses injection molded high-strength composite materials to reduce weight and cost, and improve performance of your product.
Apply our experience, engineering and manufacturing custom components to make your product the absolute best in your marketplace. Injection molded custom component designs help to simplify assembly, consolidate parts, increased production capacity, and invigorate your product.
  • custom-bee-box

    Bee Box

    The client was using a European supplied bee box that did not meet its requirements. The closing lid required a glued and stapled mounting ring that did not sit flat and allowed bees to escape. The bee hive bodem did not mount well inside the box, resulting in longer assembly times, operator stings, and loss of bees during the assembly process. The customer also had to purchase a one year supply at one time.

    MMI ES designed a custom box to meet the client’s specialized needs. A lid on a living hinge attaches with two snap closures on the engineered box of injection molded plastic. The bee hive bodem now slides into specially designed guide ribs with a four way locking mechanism. The unit is now locally supplied, allowing just in-time delivery.

    Total labor and assembly costs reduced by 40%. Cost savings were realized by eliminating the gluing and taping of the top lid mounting ring. Assembly labor was reduced by half. The install operation of the bee hive bodem was made safer, quicker, and more efficient.

  • custom-retort-tray

    Retort Tray

    Tray was produced out of high cost engineering resin and expensive stainless steel

    MMI created a lower cost alternative that was more adaptable and versatile with the ability to change spacing quickly to accommodate more products.

    Reduction in overall cost of product without reduction of material properties. New design was 65% lighter than old stainless tray, overall shorter cycle times, reduced scaling/calcification, and better heat transfer via convection.

  • asy0897200ab-1wlogo

    Front End Conveyor Pallet


  • asy0898000ag-4wlogo

    Drive Shaft Tray



  • asy0906800aa-wlogo

    V8 Straps


  • p0883700aa-1wlogo

    Export Torque Straps



  • p0894700aa-1wlogo

    Export Transmission POD





  • p0898600aa-1wlogo

    Export Torque Straps


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